Championship Manager 4
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More Editing

Ok...right about now, you should be really getting into the hang of this. However, there is a lot more that can be edited AND is a little more complex. Again, what will you be looking to change:

  1. Contracts - You'll want them for longer or shorter.
  2. Wages - Pay them less. (They may complain in time)
  3. Bonuses - Make them smaller.
  4. Skills - Get them playing better football.
  5. Nationality - Possibly. I'm still looking.
  6. Player Age - Make him go a few more years possibly.
  7. Morale and Fitness - Possibly. I'm still looking.
  8. Form - Still working on it.
  9. Current/Potential Ability - Without a doubt.

Where-O-where are we going to start with these guys. There's a lot to get thru.

There are already some tables you can load up in Artmoney, to make the whole process a lot easier. They can be found here:
Club Values
Player ID Section - Contains cur/pot abilities
Player Stats

You'll need Winzip to open these files (or some other compression utility)

Ok...let's start with the club. The best way to start with this is your club's balance. You want to search for this as the Exact value. That's the best way.

Let's say your balance is 1,093,772 then that is the number you search for. You may get a few results. You can do two things here.
1. If you only have a small number of results then you can try editing each of these one-by-one.
2. Or if you have a large number of result. If this is the case you need to play thru the game a bit more, until your balance changes (end of the week when wages are played is one moment), then you need to click the Seive button, and enter in your balance's new value. This will then produce few results (and hopefully only the one) and then you can edit it.



Assuming you've loaded the club table into Artmoney, the next step is simple. With the result on the LHS, you select that (single click to select). Then you click on the Balance box on the RHS. Then you press ALT-A. Or you right-click on that box, and select the auto-offset apply -> Offset all.

This is will automatically change all the values and data positions on the RHS. If they don't equal your balance and wage budget, and transfer budget, then the choice you made on the LHS is wrong and you need to choose a different one.



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